List of Participants


Dr. Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby, Project Director
Russian Folk Prose and Ritual, Linguistics
Professor of Russian, Folklore, and Linguistics, University of Kentucky

Dr. Mark Richard Lauersdorf, Project Co-Director
Slavic Linguistics, Digital Humanities
Director, Research for Computing in Humanities, University of Kentucky

Dr. Tatiana Filosofova
Russian Christian folklore and cultural identity
Tutor, Slavonic Studies, School of Modern Languages and Language Centre, University of Glasgow

Dr. Yelena Minyonok
Russian Folksong and Ritual
Head Archivist, Folklore Archive, Institute of World Literature, Russian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Sergey Minyonok
Anthropology, Documentary Filmmaker
Institute of World Literature, Russian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Sibelan Forrester
Russian Literature and Folklore (folk healing and divination)
Professor of Russian Literature, Swarthmore College
[RFRI Advisory Board]

Dr. Peter Holloway
Web Designer/Programmer
Kule Centre for Ukrainian Folklore, University of Alberta
[RFRI Advisory Board]

Dr. Daniel Rowland
Muscovite History and Orthodoxy
Professor of Russian History, University of Kentucky
[RFRI Advisory Board]

Icon of Jesus in Russian folk dress

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